Transforming PreK-12 with Social, Emotional, and Cultural Learning

Join this week-long exploration of how we, as teachers, create authentic learning experiences for our students framed from a social, emotional and cultural lens. Learners know consciously and unconsciously whether or not they are cared about, whether they have grown from an experience, and if their needs have been addressed. During this track, we will study, reflect, and share what the characteristics of social, emotional and cultural learning are and how to foster learning with our peers and our students that demonstrates an invitational approach to create the best conditions for learning.

Together, we'll explore questions such as:

  • How does social, emotional, and cultural learning (SECL) connect to critical digital pedagogy?
  • How do SECL strategies create inclusive learning environments that engage all learners?
  • How do SECL strategies and invitational rhetoric create inclusive conditions for communication in professional and personal learning?
  • How does a SECL framework prepare learners for future unknown workstreams fueled by curiosity, imagination, self-reflection, and dimensions of wellness?

Remote learning in P-12 has exposed longstanding educational inequities in teaching and learning practices. An important goal that has emerged is to create more inclusive and equitable learning. Learners should have the opportunity to imagine, play, and learn as part of their professional and personal growth as a whole learner and in the case of P-12 as a whole child. Although technology access is one part of the equation in a digital or blended learning environment, recognizing each student’s individual social, emotional, and cultural learning needs and interests to ensure that everyone gets what they need to succeed, is a critical component wherever the learning occurs.

This track is ideal for:



Laura Summers
Laura Summers is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Learning Design and Technology in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver.
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