La Facultad & Dark Matter: Liberatory Knowing & Practice

"Repressive societies always seemed to understand the danger of ‘wrong’ ideas." Octavia E. Butler, Kindred

Most of our thinking and writing about higher education has happened in a context of “white logic” which Bonilla-Silva and Zuberi define as a context in which “white supremacy has defined the techniques and processes of reasoning about social facts.” Often, this means that faculty, staff, and students are asked to leave behind racial, ethnic, and cultural ways of knowing. But what if we don’t? What might we learn about our humanity and existence if multiple ways of knowing were embedded in our individual practices? In our social and institutional structures? What could our schools look like? Our classrooms? Our lives?

In Borderlands/La Frontera Gloria Anzaldúa writes, “La facultad is the capacity to see in surface phenomena the meaning of deeper realities, to see the deep structure beneath the surface.” La facultad and other ways of knowing, seeing, and being have long been marginalized and devalued in institutions privileging white-codified notions of “rationality and reason.” This track centers historically repressed ways of knowing—la facultad, double-consciousness, intuition, magic, imagination, ceremony, story, counterstory, play, and more—and invites us to engage with liberatory possibility and multiple futures in our teaching and learning practices.

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Felecia Caton Garcia
Felecia Caton Garcia is the current Presidential Fellow for Equity and Justice in the Classroom at Central New Mexico Community College where she teaches English, American Studies, and Chicanx Studies.
Heather Pleasants
Heather Pleasants, PhD (aka @heatherplez) directs and facilitates undergraduate experiential learning at The University of Alabama through the “Learning in Action” initiative.
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