Identity and Self-Expression

This course will focus on discovering self which will lead to the exploration of self-expression. We will identify and employ strategies and mediums through which learners can self-express inside and/or outside the classroom without caring for their public passive voice. We will also discuss how different cultures affect self-expression and how it is evident in our daily choices. This course is going to be a platform where voices and ideas from different cultures will come together and be heard, seen and respected in a social space. Somewhere, someone has suspended disbelief that their stories are not worth sharing since they haven’t led complex lives. We are here to discover since the day we were born, we have led nothing but complex lives surrounded by a roller coaster of emotions, things we can control and cannot control, environment, tragedy, happiness, confusion, love, and much more. We will unpack all that through guided discussions at an individual and classroom level with the help of reflection and sharing among our group.

This course will build on your agency. It will be able to absorb as many diverse voices as possible. So, if someone is from Indonesia and another learner is from Greenland they would have a common platform to engage in this course. Sometimes we need to hear stories of others to find our voice and this would provide an ear. To conclude, learners will work on an individual project which will focus on reclaiming the ownership of self in their environment and use their public active voice through different mediums. They will create ideas on how they can help others to do the same. This project will serve as a beacon to others who cannot navigate through this vast ocean, alone.

This track is ideal for:



Maida Ali
Maida is a lecturer and a board member at the Department of Education, Forman Christian College, Lahore, Pakistan.
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