Welcome to the Lab

Digital Pedagogy Lab 2022 will be hosted online by the University of Colorado Denver, in collaboration with the School of Education and Human Development. Participants registered for the online event will be invited to join discussions, collaborate on projects, and learn together with DPL faculty. The 2022 event will feature educational, experiential tracks, special synchronous gatherings, and keynote conversations with Harper B. Keenan, Antonio Farias, Maha Bali & Mia Zamora.

Harper B. Keenan, Maha Bali, Mia Zamora, and Antonio Farias will keynote DPL 2022.

Faculty for Digital Pedagogy Lab 2022

DPL 2022 Faculty Welcome You!

Registration Details

1 November 2021 through 1 March 2022: Early Bird and Reduced Registration available $250-$350
2 March through 27 July 2022: Regular, Group, and Reduced Registration available $350-$450

Very Early Bird Registration: "Very Early Bird" registration offers a deeply discounted price for attending Digital Pedagogy Lab 2022. During this time full programming will not be entirely complete. There may be new tracks added later, and some tracks are still evolving.

Registration Information: In the interest of providing as much opportunity for people around the world to participate, Digital Pedagogy Lab will offer a variety of registration prices during the year. For more information, see our Registration Information page.

Refund Policy: Full refunds available through April 30, 2022. After April 30, there is a $75.00 administrative charge for cancellation. No refunds are available after June 30, 2022. To learn more about our fees, visit the FAQ page.

If you have any questions about registration, contact Sean Michael Morris, DPL Director, at sean@digitalpedagogylab.com.

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